Senior Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care underpins our success. Students at Stafford Grammar School achieve success because they are cared for and truly known as individuals.

Stafford Grammar Pupils outsideWe understand the many pressures that students can face, and our approach is to nurture and encourage them to achieve their full potential, both academically and personally.

Our students tend to remain with the same tutor so that they get to know each other really well. Our Heads of House ensure that all students are supported and are getting the best out of school life and our school nurses are always available to our students to see on confidential matters.

We could not have asked for better support. Her confidence has grown so much and she has never been happier in school.

Year 9 parent

We encourage our students to be themselves and to support each other. Our tutor groups are also allocated two Sixth Form mentors who will assist the Form Tutor and work with students in groups and individually support them. Our small classes mean that we get to know each of the students really well. 

Maintaining close contact with parents ensures any potential problems are addressed as early as possible. Healthy pupils who feel safe and enjoy school will be successful.

The best thing about Stafford Grammar is the way it makes you feel – like you can do anything

Year 8 pupil

The House System at Stafford Grammar School is the foundation of our pastoral care and is a focal point for internal competition. The school is divided into three houses; Anson, Fitzherbert and Talbot. The Heads of House and the Assistant Heads of House are key figures in the academic and personal development of each pupil.

There are activities to suit everyone, and there is the opportunity to take part in something new. From music and drama through to ‘The Challenge’ and sports fixtures, the emphasis is on a friendly rivalry, team building and achievement. The Hobbies Exhibition, The Great Egg Race and the Public Speaking Competition take place during the school day to build self-confidence and share experiences so that pupils appreciate the efforts of friends throughout the school.

The House System aims to maximise student participation in a wide range of cultural, intellectual and physical activities:

  • To provide an enjoyable programme of events over the school year, with a healthy sense of competition 
  • To develop teamwork and a spirit of active participation
  • To develop individual and collective commitment
  • To promote leadership opportunities

All of our students engage in the ‘Be Someone’ tutorial programme, which enables them to discuss a wide range of issues with their tutors and classmates. The aim is to develop an appreciation of the social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects of life. We want all of our students to explore and appreciate beauty in all its manifestations.

Pupils will engage in culturally enriching activities such as listening to and reflecting on pieces of classical music, works of art, language and poetry. They will also look at world events, significant people and their contribution to the world to enable each individual to thrive in the fullest sense. 

  • Students sitting around tableBeauty in all its forms 
  • Excellence in all we do 


  • Seek to grow in all areas 
  • Open to opportunities
  • Mental health and wellbeing 
  • Engage with the world around you 
  • Open to ideas, open to others
  • Never give up, stay resilient 
  • Effort brings rewards 

All pupils take part in our Life and Wellbeing programme, which is run by our Head of Pupils Programmes and delivered by our teachers and school nurses.

The lessons aim to investigate and strengthen students’ own feeling of wellbeing and self-worth and enable them to develop informed opinions about issues within our complex society. 

Mindfulness and emotional resilience are incorporated across all year groups. Topics covered include: consumerism, conflict, online behaviour, gaming, healthy lifestyles, family, personal finance as well as well as information about drugs and sexual health delivered in an age-appropriate manner and supported by ‘drop-down’ days of activities and guest speakers.

The Life and Wellbeing programme also ties in with careers to help pupils align their personal strengths and interests with subject choices. 

The medical centre is located in the main building and we are fortunate to have two qualified nurses. 

As well as providing medical care for pupils and staff, the school nurses also offer support with mental health, worries and anxieties and ensure that students always have somewhere to go if they need a confidential chat or just a bit of space. 

Our school nurses support the pastoral care in the school by liaising closely with parents and ensuring care-plans are in place. Information is also provided about health and emotional issues in Life and Wellbeing and Science (Biology) lessons throughout the school.

On a lighter note, the nurses can often be found helping students with a quiet word, the odd biscuit or two and cup of tea or hot chocolate! 

Senior school nurses