School Fees & Financial Assistance

School Fees and Financial Assistance at Stafford Grammar School.

Senior School Fees
Year 7 to Year 11£4960 per term
Sixth Form School Fees
Lower Sixth & Upper Sixth    £4960 per term

School fees are inclusive of textbooks, almost all curriculum materials and most extra-curricular activities. School fees do not include school uniform and sports kit, school lunches, transport to and from school, public examination fees, school trips and any peripatetic activities or lessons such as in music, LAMDA or additional educational support lessons for a special education needed.

Prep. School Fees 
Year 5 & Year 6£4415 per term
Year 3 & Year 4£4250 per term
Reception, Year 1 & Year 2£3800 per term

Prep School fees are also inclusive of school lunches, and wrap around care from 8.00am until 6.00pm by our dedicated staff.

Where families send more than one child to Stafford Grammar School, which is often the case, there is a reduction of 10% from the fees of the elder sibling whilst the two siblings are at Stafford Grammar School at the same time. If there are three siblings at Stafford Grammar School at the same time, 20% is deducted from the fees of the eldest and 10% from the middle sibling. The same sibling fee discount applies across the entire school, including the Prep. School, Senior School and Sixth Form. 

Bursary recipients do not receive sibling discounts, but the level of bursary award for the elder sibling will be reviewed if a younger sibling joins the school.

Financial Assistance – Bursaries and Scholarships

What’s the difference between a scholarship and a bursary?

The key difference is that a bursary is means-tested and a scholarship is not.  Stafford Grammar School offers means-tested bursaries so that the exceptional education we offer is accessible to the brightest and best pupils, including those whose families may not be in a position to cover the full fees. 

Stafford Grammar PupilsAll bursaries are means-tested and their value is related to the income and financial resources of the pupil’s family. Bursaries vary depending on the circumstances of the family applying. Bursary candidates must meet the same academic standards in our entrance assessments as all other pupils joining Stafford Grammar School. Scholarships are awarded on merit, irrespective of financial means. Offers of academic scholarships are made based upon performance in the entrance assessment and scholarship assessment. Scholarships may also be awarded in other areas, such as Music, Drama and Performing Arts and Sport. An audition may be required.


If your child is hardworking and motivated and would benefit from the exceptional educational experience offered at Stafford Grammar School, but your family is not in a position to cover the full fees, you may be eligible for a means-tested bursary. The bursary award varies depending upon the individual circumstances of the family applying for the bursary. Bursaries are awarded at the Headmaster’s discretion. 

What do you do to apply for a bursary?

If you believe that you may be eligible for a means-tested bursary, please indicate when the Head of Admissions sends you the registration documents that you would also like a bursary application form. This form should be completed and returned to the Bursar for a confidential assessment. Once the means-tested bursary assessment has been completed, you will receive a letter from the school outlining any potential bursary offer that may be awarded. 


Stafford Grammar School aims to seek out the brightest and most deserving pupils for scholarship awards.

Scholarships are awarded on merit, irrespective of financial means. Offers for scholarships in Year 7 are made based upon performance in the entrance assessment and scholarship assessment. Scholarships for entry into other Year groups are awarded on the basis of the entrance assessment (and/or audition). All scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Headmaster.

In addition to academic scholarships, there are some scholarships available for Music and Sport. 

A scholarship may be combined with a bursary where there is financial need.

The maximum bursary or scholarship award is 40% of school fees. 

All bursary awards and scholarships are conditional upon pupils maintaining excellent standards of behaviour, attendance and effort. The Headmaster has the right to withdraw an award if these standards are not met. The amount of any bursary or scholarship awarded is individual, discretionary and confidential between the Headmaster and family.