Values Awards

We believe in recognising and celebrating achievement. At Stafford Grammar School, we not only celebrate academic achievements, but we believe in recognising those pupils who get involved and embrace the spirit of the school. 

Headmaster's Commendations

The aim of the Headmaster’s Commendations is to recognise and reward outstanding contribution to the life of the school and beyond. 

Headmaster’s Commendations are awards bestowed upon pupils (and sometimes staff too) who do something quite exceptional, often unexpectedly, in any sphere of school life and beyond.

Headmaster’s Commendations have been awarded to:

Headmaster of Stafford Grammar and Senior School Pupils

Values Awards

Values Awards are the highest level of recognition given by the school. They recognise outstanding contribution and reward pupils who uphold, embrace and embody the School Values of:

  • Excellence
  • Courage
  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Creativity. 

They are achieved by accumulating House Points, and Headmaster’s Commendations.

Bronze Values Award 

Pupils are presented with a certificate in assembly. 

NameFormAward Date

Isabelle Johnson

7T15 December 2020
Edward Kotara7T15 December 2020
Joseph Luke7T15 December 2020
Isla Williams7T15 December 2020
Ailish Steele7A25 January 2021
Arabella Hughes7F25 January 2021
Georgia Blaikie8A25 January 2021
Honor Sutton8A25 January 2021
Arabella Bostock8T25 January 2021
Amelia Johnson8T25 January 2021
Elena Blaikie9A25 January 2021
Charlie Dyble9A25 January 2021
Charlotte Ashton9A25 January 2021
Nayan Kumar9F25 January 2021
Elizabeth Hammond9F25 January 2021
Ellen Farmer9T25 January 2021
Francesca Fitton9T25 January 2021
Verity Gray10T25 January 2021
Josie Lamplough11F25 January 2021
Charlotte Fullagar11F25 January 2021
Nina FittonU6T25 January 2021
Harry Zoeftig11A1 February 2021
Adam Merron9F1 February 2021
Charles Bostock7F9th March 2021
Jessica O'Brien7T9th March 2021
Elizabeth Ajumobi7A9th March 2021
Summer Wardle8T9th March 2021
Laura Fenton9F9th March 2021
Ollie Jones9F9th March 2021
Callum Thompson9T9th March 2021
Chloe Sandy7T9th March 2021
Grace Floyd8A9th March 2021
John BeauchampU6F9th March 2021
Jake Lawton7T9th March 2021
Eloise Gommersall8F9th March 2021
Emma Simpson8T9th March 2021
Rosie Sheehy7T9th March 2021 
       Laura Fenton 9F9th March 2021 
     Nathan D'Almeida  8A9th March 2021 
  Charlotte Sayers 9T9th March 2021 
 Ellaiyna Sherrard10T9th March 2021 
 Grace Hardy8T  25th March 2021
Lilian D'almeida7A25th March 2021 
Ella Then7T25th March 2021 
Olivia Lamplough8F25th March 2021
Ella Farrell9T25th March 2021
Amelie Medford9F25th March 2021
Oliver Skews7T25th March 2021
Scarlett Young9A25th March 2021
Grace Whitall9T30th  April 2021
Sarah Carson8T30th  April 2021
Honey May Whelan7F30th April 2021
Ibrahim Benkhelifa7A30th April 2021
Ruby Twigg8F30th April 2021

Nicholas Fairclough

8T30th April 2021
Louis Law9A30th April 2021
Amber Smit9A30th April 2021
Olivia Cummings10F30th April 2021
Jessica Lucas10F30th April 2021
Leah Dixon11A30th April 2021
Jessica LakinU6A30th April 2021
Emily Evans10T2nd July 2021
Priya Mahal10F2nd July 2021
Riya Neelapala9A2nd July 2021
Leo Taylor7F2nd July 2021
Finley Green7T2nd July 2021
Helen Howard-Pate7T2nd July 2021
Zachary Pickford7A2nd July 2021
Simrun Mahal8F2nd July 2021
Pippa Steele8T2nd July 2021
Summer Wardle8T2nd July 2021
Oliver Smith9T2nd July 2021
Poppy Dixon9A2nd July 2021
Daniel Tarr9F2nd July 2021
Theo Hargreave9A2nd July 2021
Archie Kilminster9A2nd July 2021
Emma Seaton9A2nd July 2021
Zoe Catton9T2nd July 2021
Ellen Farmer9T2nd July 2021
Louis Law9A2nd July 2021
Ruby Goode10T2nd July 2021
Grace Mensing10F2nd July 2021
Joe Turnbull10F2nd July 2021
Oscar Sandy10T2nd July 2021
Hannah George10F2nd July 2021
Addison Perry10F2nd July 2021
Laura Adams10T2nd July 2021
Matt Gommers10F2nd July 2021
Mackenzie Tart11T2nd July 2021
Maisy Hough11F2nd July 2021
Katie Jones11A2nd July 2021
Ruben Cooner11F2nd July 2021
Shirin Hessar11F2nd July 2021
Louis Hancock11F2nd July 2021
Nirvan Sircar11F2nd July 2021
Gurman Seehra11T2nd July 2021
Poppy Lankenau11T2nd July 2021
Mathilda Hughes11F2nd July 2021
Oliver Patrick11A2nd July 2021
Alice Higginson11A2nd July 2021
Harry Zoeftig11A2nd July 2021
Lana Paterson11T2nd July 2021
Matthew Cutler11F2nd July 2021
Soraya Miller11T2nd July 2021
Jack Warrilow11A2nd July 2021
Olivia Nicholson11T2nd July 2021
Isabel Stevenson11T2nd July 2021
Tristan Van der Linden6F2nd July 2021
Alice Chandler6T2nd July 2021
Manako Sakai6F2nd July 2021
Amy Bailey6A2nd July 2021
Abhinav Mayura6A2nd July 2021
Lydia Snape6A2nd July 2021
Amy McGeown6F2nd July 2021
Madeline Holl6F2nd July 2021
Sophie Greenall6A2nd July 2021
Olivia Howdle6F2nd July 2021
Kate Temperton6F2nd July 2021
Lydia Lewis6F2nd July 2021


Silver Values Award 

Pupils are presented with a certificate in assembly, included in the newsletter and an individual letter sent home to their parents. 

NameFormDate Awarded
Nayan Kumar9F

29th March 2021

Joseph Luke7F29th March 2021
Honor Sutton8A29th March 2021
Arabella Bostock8T30th April 2021
Ailish Steele7A30th April 2021
Edward Kotara7F30th April 2021
Amelia Johnson7T30th April 2021
Isabelle Johnson7T2nd July 2021
Arabella Hughes7F2nd July 2021
Isla Williams8T2nd July 2021
Laura Fenton9F2nd July 2021
Louis Law9A2nd July 2021
Charlie Dyble9A2nd July 2021
Elizabeth Hammond9F2nd July 2021
Amber Smit9A2nd July 2021
Charlotte Ashton9A2nd July 2021
Elena Blaikie9A2nd July 2021
Nayan Kumar9F2nd July 2021
Verity Gray10T2nd July 2021
Francesca Fitton11T2nd July 2021
Josie Lamplough11F2nd July 2021


Gold Values Award

Pupils are presented with a certificate in assembly and a Gold Values Award Badge and an individual letter sent home to their parents. Recipients of the Gold Values Award receive recognition Prize Giving. 

A Half-termly lunch/afternoon tea with the Headmaster and senior leadership team will be held for pupils who have received a Headmaster’s Commendation or Values Award during that half-term, to discuss and congratulate them on their areas of achievement.

NameDate Awarded
Nayan Kumar2nd July 2021