Clubs and Activities

At Stafford Prep, we offer a range of clubs and activities for pupils to participate in. There is something for everyone!

Prep girl doing a summersaultDance Club - enjoy choreographing your own dances to a variety of music. We perform at school events and as part of ‘Gotta Dance’ which is staged at the Gatehouse Theatre. 

Chess Club - whether you are a beginner or an expert, chess club is a great way to develop your skills and have fun. Matches are arranged with other schools and we take part in a national chess competition. 

Cookery Club - work with our own Chef Trask to create some tasty treats and develop your skills in the kitchen!

Arts and Crafts - A great club to learn new skills and get creative. Learn to make a friendship bracelet or create a pot in clay - let your imagination run free! 

Judo Club - Using the onsite dojo, children learn the ancient art of Judo with a fully qualified instructor. 

Reading Club - Read a book at the same time as your friends and have the opportunity to discuss themes and ideas. 

Gardening Club - This very popular club covers every aspect of gardening. Children get to sow seeds, watch them grow and then harvest the fruits! 

Sports Clubs - There is a wide variety of sporting clubs including netball, football, tag rugby, rounders, cricket and tennis. We also run a very popular fitness club where the children participate in fun, active games designed to raise the heart beat. 

Summer Holiday Club 

Our holiday club offers your children the chance to have fun and keep active during the summer holiday. There are many activities to choose from: arts and crafts, traditional sports, ‘big’ games and the famous waterslide on the field!

Our holiday club is run by dedicated members of school staff who know the children very well and offer excellent pastoral care.