School Gateway

School Gateway is a safe and secure way to stay connected with Stafford Grammar School. It is our way to communicate out to you as parents/carers but also a way for you to contact us at the school to update your contact details, change of address and inform us of an illness on the morning.

How to activate your account

Download the app either on your Android or iPhone device using either Google Play or App Store

Or click on the link for the web School Gateway Login and click New User

Getting Started

  1. Click 'Sign Up' then enter the email and mobile number SGS have on record. If you are unsure we have the correct contact details please get in touch to update.
  2. Click 'Send PIN'. You will receive a text message with your unique PIN.

How to Login

  1. Once you have your PIN, you can now launch the School Gateway app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Enter the email you have registered with SGS and the PIN you received by text. If you did not receive a text with your PIN, it is likely SGS do not have the correct contact details registered.
  3. If both your email and PIN are correct click 'Login' and you are ready to receive communication with us and we are able to send out emails/text messages to your smartphone.