Prep Life

Life in the Prep School is always busy and full of energy. As soon as the children arrive at school, a member of staff is there to greet them and look after them. 

Our vibrant assemblies set a positive tone for the start of the day, where the children come together as a community and engage in stimulating activities and thoughtful reflection.

Each Friday is a special ‘Celebration Assembly’ where we celebrate the children’s achievement, effort and success right across the curriculum as well as rewarding positive behaviour and kindness. Each child gets their moment to sparkle in this special assembly. 

After school care at Stafford Grammar

For parents who need greater flexibility at the start and end of the school day, we offer before and after school care for the children at Stafford Prep School in a safe and supervised environment.

There is always a member of staff on site from 8 a.m. and when the school day ends at 3.40 p.m., the children are welcome to join after school activities or attend Homework Club until 6 p.m. There are also activities such as arts and crafts for the children to enjoy (this wrap-around care is all included in the school fees).

Stafford Prep School is a very special place. What sets us apart is that we know all of our children as individuals, which means we can nurture them to achieve their full potential. The role of form tutor is vital and they are responsible for getting to know each child, supporting them and delivering our Life and Wellbeing Programme. 

The children are placed in classes which are small enough for them to receive the individual attention that is so important, but large enough to make lots of friends and interact with other children. 

We want our children to grow into happy, confident and healthy individuals. We promote positive emotional health, which gives our children the resilience to cope with challenges. 

Prep students sitting reading with teacher

Prep pupils playing outside at Stafford Gramar

As part of our wellbeing programme, the Prep School children take part in a regular ‘walk and talk’, where they walk around the school site with their teacher and classmates and enjoy the opportunity to chat and share how they are feeling. Along with our ‘mood boards’ which the children use each morning, we are able to know how they are feeling and how best to support them. Children in year 5 and 6 take part in a programme to become Mental Health Champions which helps them to look after their own mental health whilst being aware of others.

We believe that play is an integral part of Prep School life and learning. We have a safe play area with a range of equipment for our children to enjoy. We also offer a range of exciting lunchtime activities to engage the children for example gardening, colouring, mindfulness or ball skills, or play with their friends in the abundance of safe playing space.

The children might be tired at the end of the day, but they are definitely happy and fulfilled!

Prep girl painting

Lunch at stafford School with Prep pupils

Under the leadership of Chef Trask, all our food is prepared daily, using fresh locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Prep Teachers eat with the children in the dining room, ensuring that that children eat a filling and nutritional meal. 

Our Chef also runs a cookery club for the Prep School children, which is very popular!

Catering at Stafford Grammar