Design & Technology Department

Open Days

Design Technology is a vital part of everyday life. Everything we come into contact with, from the cars we drive , the TVs we watch, down to the cutlery we eat with, all have had to be designed. It is the Departments aim to encourage our pupils to engage with D&T in an innovative creative way so that they are able to make informed choices and out the nature of their own interactivity with the subject. Working with wood, metal, plastics and graphics, the pupils under the supervision of a highly trained Head of Department, are able to produce products they are proud of and want to take home. A strong emphasis is placed on quality and accuracy in what the pupils produce, alongside strong consideration for sustainability and environmental impact, all supported by a fully equipped workshop furnished with the latest Technology such as laser cutters and 3D printers.

The workshops are open each lunchtime for pupils to freely develop their technological skills, either in CAD/CAM, or making something they need in the practical area.

The annual Egg Race competition is always a highlight where pupils in years 7-9 design and build a machine to transport an egg over an obstacle course in the hope of winning the first place trophy.

All pupils in years 5-9 will study D&T for 1 hour and 15 minutes a week which increases to 2 hours and 30 minutes in years 10-11.

D&T education makes a unique and valuable contribution to the education and preparation for life of our pupils – at work or leisure. For some it can be the start-point for highly satisfying and successful careers in industries that bring increasing economic benefit to the UK.