Year 9 Game Programming

At the end of the Autumn/beginning of the Spring Term, Year 9 were given the opportunity to program computer games using Game Maker Studio 2. Everyone did really well but two games, from Rory Sandy and Roman Gillies-Morgan really stood out and went far and beyond what would be expected from Year 9 pupils. They both received perfect marks of 100%.

Rory produced a dungeon crawler/puzzle game described by him below:

In my game you have to get through a series of 10 levels which are filled with challenges and enemies. For example, in one level you have to sneak past two guards and find the key to get to unlock the next room, if they see you, they will attack. In another level you had to find the correct path across an unstable floor, if make the wrong choice you will fall through the floor.  At the end of the game you fight against the evil frog! Be careful, he is very powerful!

Roman produced an adventure/puzzle game described by him below:

In Shiba Adventures, an adventurous Shiba finds some yummy food scattered around his home and decides to go on an adventure in search of more yummy food! His adventures put him through treacherous caves with evil fire monsters, a secret magical forest full of food and other Shibas which are….dancing! At the end he discovers the Evil Mega Shiba’s lair which is infested with the evil fire monsters. Can he defeat the Evil Mega Shiba and save the land?

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