Personnel List


The Lord Stafford
The Right Hon. The Earl of Lichfield
The Right Hon. The Earl of Shrewsbury

Senior School Academic Staff

Headmaster Mr M R Darley B.A.
Head of Curriculum and Development Dr P A Johnson B.Sc., PhD
Head of Senior School Mr L H Thomas M. A.(Oxon), M.Sc.
Head of Sixth Form and DSL Mr R C Green B.A.
Teaching Staff Head of Biology, Head of Talbot House Mr C D Anderson B. Sc.
Head of History Mrs E M Ayirebi B.A.
Head of Physics Mr D R Beauchamp B.Sc.
Mr G Beckett B. Sc.
Ms K Beckett B. Sc.
Head of Geography, Head of Fitzherbert House, PHSE Co-ordinator Miss K L Butler B.A., M.A.
Head of English Mr C Cooke B.A.
Head of Religious Studies Mr S J Godwin B.A., M.Sc
Mrs R Godwin Bratt B.Sc.
Mr J Grace B.Sc, M.A.
Head of P.E. (temporary) Mr S W Gunnell B.Sc.
Head of Business and Economics, Events Officer Mrs G. A. Hague-Jones B.A.
Director of Sport, Head of Anson House Mr L J Harwood B.Ed.
Head of Chemistry & Assistant Head of Fitzherbert House Mrs T A Hollinshead B.Sc., M.Sc.
Head of I.C.T, Assistant Head of Sixth Form, Assistant Head of Anson House Mr A C R Johnson B.Sc.
Director of Music Mr G R Lamplough B. Mus.
Head of Art and Design Mr D Mole B.A.
Mrs K A Owen-Reece B.A.
Head of Mathematics, Examinations Officer Mrs P H Patrick B. Sc.
Head of Educational Support, Deputy DSL Mrs D K Shaughnessy B.A., M.A.
Head of Modern Languages Mrs S J Smith B.A.
Ms C Taig B.Sc.
Head of Psychology, Assistant Head of Talbot House (temporary) Miss J L Wedgwood B.Sc.
Mrs A L Weetman L.A.E.S
Part Time Staff Mr M Azeem B.A.
Mrs K A Farmer B.A.
Mrs K. Fletcher B.A.
Mrs L J Griffiths B.A.
Miss H J Hackett B.Sc.
Mrs K J Horsley B.A.
Miss S Lloyd B.Sc.
Mrs E L Paton B.A.
Mrs J L Stace B.A.

Preparatory School Academic Staff

Head of Prep. Ms C T Martin B.Ed
Full Time Staff Mr M Harland B.A.
Mr D Martin LLB.
Mrs C Noble B.Ed.
Mrs C Gwynn B.Ed.
Part Time Staff Mrs M C Booth B.Sc.
Mr D Jakes B.A.
Mrs S Keenan B.A., M.A. (Ed)
Deputy DSL Mrs L J Johnstone B.A.
Teaching Assistants Mrs S Aspinall
Mrs K Barker
Mrs L Harris
Mrs H G Martin-Young
Mrs H Robinson
Mrs A Van der Linden
Hon. School Chaplains Prebendary R Sargent M.A.
Rev. J Davis MBE, KStJ, M.A.
Governors Chairman Mr B Baggott
Vice Chairman Mrs P Pearsall
Mr T Carson
Mrs J Causer
Mrs J Colman
Rev J Davis MBE, KStJ
Mr J Johnson
Mr J Lotz
Mr D Pearsall MBE
Mr A J Wright
Non-Teaching Staff Bursar Mr J Downes
Senior Finance Officer Ms S C Dartford
Finance Officer Mrs L Haigh
Headmaster’s Secretary (SPS) Mrs M Adams
Headmaster's Secretary (SGS) Mrs R Sheridan
Administrative Officer Mrs J. Turner
Receptionist Mrs M Williams
Music Administration Assistant Mrs P Handford
Library Assistant/Lunch Supervisor Miss J Thompson
Senior Science Technician Mrs P Rowlands
Laboratory Technician Mrs V Wootton B.Sc.
Art and CDT Technician Mr P Richards
ICT Manager Mr R Davies B.Sc.
ICT Technician Mr M. Barker
Senior School Nurse, Deputy DSL Mrs K O’Donnell RGN, Dip HE Nursing
School Nurse, Deputy DSL Mrs V Eardley RN Dip (Child), RN MH
Catering Manager/Chef Mr T Trinder
Transport Manager Mr D Potts
Library Supervisor Mr R Malone
Maintenance Manager Mr M Swift
Groundsmen Mr P Hughes
Mr C Bateman
Electrician Mr T Bailey