Pastoral Care

At Stafford Grammar School we encourage each and every pupil to immerse themselves in all aspects of school life; we nurture the potential of every pupil and support them whilst recognising them as individuals and understanding their hopes, fears and abilities.

Our small class sizes facilitate an excellent pupil teacher relationship and enable us to get to know each person.  Maintaining close contact with parents ensures any potential problems are addressed as early as possible. Healthy pupils who feel safe and enjoy their work will be successful.   Our pastoral team, including two school nurses, have a wealth of experience and are dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of the pupils.

The School Houses

The school is divided into 3 houses; Talbot, Fitzherbert and Anson. The Head of House and their Deputy are key figures in the academic and personal development of each pupil. To maintain continuity and to strengthen bonds, tutor groups are based on the school houses.

The ‘house’ system incorporates a large number of competitions ranging from music and drama through to ‘The Challenge’ and the Polyathlon in which Houses compete against each other in a wide range of sports; the emphasis of which is based on a friendly rivalry, team building and achievement. The Hobbies Exhibition, The Great Egg Race and the Public Speaking Competition take place during the school day to build self-confidence and share experiences so that pupils appreciate the efforts of friends throughout the school.

The School Nurse

Our School Nurse supports the pastoral care by running a daily drop-in clinic liaising closely with parents and ensuring care-plans are in place. Information is also provided about health and emotional issues in PHSE and Science (Biology) lessons throughout the school.

Special Educational Needs

A senior teacher in the school is responsible for coordinating specific educational needs and liaises with pupils, parents, teachers and outside agencies to support and develop the potential of those that need further assistance.

Sixth Form

Whilst retaining the same Head of House, Sixth Form students have a Form Tutor from a specialist team of Sixth Form Tutors. The pastoral care for Sixth Form pupils is coordinated by a Senior Teacher.