ISI Inspection Reports

 2018 Regulatory Compliance Inspection

The above link is to our recent “Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report” based on the visit in mid January by two ISI Inspectors. I would like to thank everyone associated with the inspection, staff, pupils, parents and governors for their contribution to such a successful outcome. Whilst inspectors did observe lessons and school activities, spoke with a wide range of people and sent out parental and pupil questionnaires, regrettably the report for this style of inspection contains no value judgements. We are required to meet eight “standards” and the checks are certainly rigorous!
I am delighted to say that we “meet the standards in the schedule…and no further action is required”.
The wording of the report in each of the eight standards is the same for every compliant school. Much was said by the inspectors about “exemplary pupils” and “happy schools” but such phrases never make the report. I would particularly like to thank a group of Year 5 pupils who were selected by an inspector at very short notice for a lunchtime “chat”, they got a rave review. I must also thank Year 11 who found the inspectors working directly above their examination hall for their final day of their mocks. The inspectors commented on their “impeccable” behaviour and manners.  I would also like to thank the parents and pupils who completed the questionnaires in such a short amount of time.
Please do read the report, I am afraid it is “dry” but it will give you an appreciation of the thoroughness of the new inspection regime. We will get an “educational standards” inspection as part of the new inspection cycle in 2-3 years. In many ways I wish we had been through that now because we were ready for that as well!
The link below is to our page on the ISI website containing the latest integrated inspection report for the school.

2014 Integrated Inspection report