When are you too old to go trick or treating?

By Saskia Cummings

So it’s nearly Halloween, which for many young people means excessive sweet consumption and ASDA costumes! Although it is originally an American tradition, Halloween has spread like wild fire in recent decades and is now celebrated by children all over the world. Many believe that Halloween is just for young children. However, many teenagers go trick or treating, which leads me to the question, when are you too old to go trick or treating? There is no official answer of course, which is probably why “what age should you stop trick or treating?” is one of the most googled questions of the month. Personally, I feel like 13 is when you get ‘too old’ and maybe it’s time to retire, put away your battered zombie costume and partake in new Halloween activities, like the Alton Tower Scarefest, instead. Coincidentally, I’m not the only person with this view. In Virginia, U.S.A. people over the age of 12 who are caught trick or treating could face fines up to $50.  This may be a bit too extreme, it is only a costume at the end of the day! It isn’t just the Americans who want an age limit on trick or treating: one town in Canada placed a ban on anyone older than 16 partaking in the activity.

The consensus among my fellow sixth formers is that 11 or 12 is the age that you should stop trick or treating. Trick or treating really is an activity for children, not teenagers. Halloween is not celebrated to the same levels in the UK in comparison to America and from research, I’ve gathered that British children tend to retire from trick or treating much faster than American children.

Should you decide that trick or treating IS for you, or should you be forced escort younger siblings around your local area, here are our top tips for a successful experience:

• It’s usually one sweet per kid per house. … don’t be greedy!
• Make your decision quickly. … No one wants to stand on the doorstep in the cold while you dig in the sweet pot for hours.
• Say thank you EVERY time. … Manners cost nothing!
• If the front door light is off, they don’t have candy. … Many people do not appreciate the disruption and some find it intimidating!
• Wear a costume. … Don’t bother asking for sweets if you can’t be bothered to dress up!

Whatever you decide to do, stay safe, and have a Happy Halloween!

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