The Addams Family – the Musical!

By Saskia Cummings

Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is finally over! The Addams family is set to preform this week and I’m sure were all excited to see what spooky surprises the show has in store for us. Mrs fletcher and Mr Lamplough have been working so hard for the past few months, as well as the pheneomal cast who have dedicated everything to this musical!

We have interviewed three of those involved with the show: The queen of darkness, Morticia Addams (Nina Fitton); Lurch (John Beauchamp) and Mrs Fletcher:

What special effects can we expect to see?

Mrs Fletcher: This year we have some pyrotechnics and a LOT of dry ice!

Nina: Mrs Fletcher has been working so hard on making the stage look as spooky as possible to fit the gothic and creepy genre so on the night you will be able to see dry ice, which will leave a misty fog on the bottom of the stage throughout the show. We are also using pyrotechnics this year, which is very exciting!! They’re mini explosions that happen at certain points that are sure to shock the audience. The lighting is being coordinated by Mr Bateman (and crew) this year- and I believe that this is Mr Batemans 10th show at Stafford Grammar!!!

Who has the best costume?
Nina: Miss Leo and her sister have supplied the costumes this year and they are all absolutely amazing. The Grandma (played by Francesca) has to be my favourite costume simply because of detail and the sheer amount of it; I think there are about 14 layers! She can hardly walk in all the clothes because there are so heavy but that just makes her hilarious character even more entertaining to watch. The chorus are all ‘dead ancestors’ and the costumes for them are also fantastic, every member has a different costume that’s been sprayed grey to make them all look like ghosts and the overall effect is so cool! We are yet to have a run with full costume and makeup but as you can imagine- the makeup will take a long time but when on stage I’m sure will look extremely effective.

John: I think that Gomez has the best costume – it really suits AJ!

Mrs Fletcher: I agree with Nina, I think that Grandma has the most interesting costume. It certainly reflects her mad personality.

What’s been the funniest moment of the rehearsals?

Mrs Fletcher: There have been many moments when staging the scenes where we have all been in fits of giggles. The script is very funny and has many jokes littered throughout.

Nina: The show involves a lot of dances. And I think the boys will agree with me when I say dancing isn’t their strong point! Watching the lads try to learn how to ballroom dance has got to be up there with one of the funniest moments.

John: It’s hard to pick out one moment – all of the rehearsals have had funny moments.

What’s the biggest worry for show night?

Nina: I think for the performers on stage the biggest worry is forgetting lines. Missing out a line can trigger a whole load of problems as the backstage crew, the band, the lighting and sound people all have cues that bring about set changes or sound effects etc. So multiple aspects of the show can easily be affected by one dropped line. However, everyone working on the show is so professional and adapt to all the last minute problems that can occur on the night.

John: Anything going wrong! Nina falling over! (Nina injured her leg on a recent school ski trip and for a while we weren’t sure she’d be up to performing!)

Mrs Fletcher: As always, we all worry that we won’t be ready on time. This is always the main worry just before opening night but I’m sure that everything will come together!

Describe the musical in three words?

Nina; Hilarious, engaging and spectacular!

John: Gothic, hilarious and large!

Mrs Fletcher: Funny, lovable and a pure spectacle.

Overall, have you enjoyed it?

Mrs Fletcher: Directing the school musical is always the highlight of my school year. The cast have been amazing to work with and I have had so many members of staff offer their help and get involved this year too which has been fantastic. I hope the audience enjoys the show as much as I have enjoyed directing it!

John: YES! The rehearsal process has been really enjoyable.

Nina: I have absolutely loved it! It’s so much fun witnessing all the dances, scenes and songs develop every week in the build up to the show. Now all the hard work is mainly over, its time for us to really enjoy this week and do our very best! It’s always a bitter sweet feeling when show week is over because the buzz we all get from coming off the stage is unbeatable but then for some of our friends it’s their last show. For Zoe, Robbie, Oli, Mollie and Milenka it’s their last time performing on the stage- so let’s make this one the best one yet!!

There are still a few tickets left, but they are disappearing fast! You can get them from the school office. Wishing everyone involved an amazing show week! Can’t wait to see it!

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