Prize Giving

by Saskia Cummings

Prize giving is held every year as a celebration of the success of our students. It is an excellent tradition, which allows teachers, parents and pupils to recognise student triumphs. I find its always interesting to see who won what award, and some years it can come as a surprise. Personally, the effort award is my favourite, because it rewards hard-working students who have really earned the award. The musical interludes are always entertaining and showcase the wide range of skills of our pupils. Mr Lamplough never fails to choose interesting musical pieces, which really show off the talents of the music department.

I spoke to several of this year’s celebrated students:

Matthew Murray
Prizes won:
o 1st Governors Award
o Effort Award
o Headmasters Award
o English Language Cup
o Maths Cup
o German Cup
o Science Cup
o History Cup

Matthew is ‘delighted’ to have received eight awards this year. He was most surprised to receive the Science Cup as he felt a ‘sense of self-doubt towards science’. He feels the awards are a ‘sign of hard work’ and they act as a ‘reward’ for him. Matthew said: ‘I definitely feel like all the revision was worth it and it feels good to know that the teachers recognise my work. I would like to thank all my teachers too.’ It was also great for Matthew to have his parents in the audience to see him collect his prizes. A very well done to Matthew, every award was most definitely deserved!

Darcie Morris

Awards won;
o 2nd Governors Award
o Headmasters Award
o English literature Cup
o French Cup
o Psychology Cup

“I was least expecting the English literature award, as I felt the exam could have been better. I was so surprised with my result”. Darcie was most pleased with her governor’s award, as it showed her “hard work has paid off, the revision was worth it!” She went on to say, “I’m really happy for everyone who won an award, they all deserve it”. A lovely message – well done.

I also interviewed Matthew Garnett, our Head Boy, about his final Prize Giving.

1. How do you feel now that you have attended your final Prize Giving as a student at SGS?

It seems strange that they’re all over. Prize Giving is always a great night of celebration, and it’s odd that I’ll no longer be a part of it.

2. How long did it take you write your speech?

I started to think of some ideas over the summer holidays, and if I remember correctly, I managed to get pen to paper toward the end of August. It took me a while to get into ‘the flow’, so in spite of the early start, I only managed to complete my speech the week before the event. Mr Thomas had to cut quite a lot of it out – which was probably quite useful otherwise some of the audience may have fallen asleep!

3. What was the hardest and best part about your final Prize Giving?

I’d have to say the hardest part of the night was walking off stage. It felt like the ‘start of the end’ of my time at SGS, which I don’t want to finish just yet! Prize Giving felt like a perfect time to reminisce about my time at the school; the memories are unforgettable! Walking off stage might have also been the best part of my night – I managed to get through the speech without making too much of a fool out of myself! On a serious note, I thoroughly enjoyed performing ‘Misty’ with Jake, Myles, Rob and Zoe – music has been huge for me and our performance was a perfect send off.

4. What were your sources of inspiration for your speech?

100% my mates. I endeavoured to write a love letter to my time at SGS, and the past six years wouldn’t have been as special if they weren’t shared with my mates. I’ve made some incredible memories with so many different people here. Every single one of them mean so much to me, and I certainly wouldn’t be the lad you know today without them.

5. What will you miss about Prize Giving?

I’ll miss Mr Green’s jokes, the awkward ‘prize winner’s shuffle’ and the concert band performance – but I certainly won’t miss the stinging palms after two hours of solid clapping! It’s been an honour to attend our Prize Giving events, and you’ll definitely see me there again this time next year.

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