Psychology at Stafford Grammar School is a continuously growing subject. Students appreciate the opportunity to study a subject that is fresh to their minds but at the same time is complementary to every other subject they study. Our excellent results at both GCSE and at A-level reflect how well students can achieve in a subject that they have only been studying more recently. Psychology is the fastest-growing subject at schools in the UK because it is the science of understanding the mind and behaviour and what could be more beneficial than understanding ourselves and how others function? Students will get a thorough grounding in scientific analysis and evaluation, opportunities to strengthen their application of mathematical statistics to the real world, whilst learning about different ‘levels of explanation’. They will learn about topic areas such as memory, social influence, mental health, forensic psychology, schizophrenia, relationships, biopsychology, attachment, perception and language and thought.

During their lessons students will use psychological concepts and theories to give them an insight into the world of a psychologist. They will focus on the fundamental areas that have laid the foundations of modern psychological understanding and then develop this further by considering how our understanding of psychology is applied today. They will develop a multitude of skills, including numeracy, communication, practical skills and critical thinking in order to make a smooth transition to the next level of study. A-Level Psychology students at Stafford Grammar School have gone on to study Psychology at higher education institutions such as the University of Birmingham and the University of Cambridge.

Psychology is an invaluable subject for anyone. It is especially useful for those wishing to go into teaching, management or business in general and also for those who may like to pursue a career in the health, social care or criminal justice sectors. Psychology is the best preparation for anyone wishing to work with people.

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