Welcome to Modern Languages at SGS

We are an active, vibrant department that embraces Modern Languages. We aim to provide students with an environment where they can access the target language, taught in a communicative style whilst allowing them to get to grips with the necessary grammar to express themselves confidently and independently in the target language. Pupils are able to study both French and German, both countries playing a significant role on the European platform, and we regularly hear from students who tell us how much they use their language in the current careers. Some of our students have gone on to take a year abroad in places like Geneva, or are working in places such as Paris, Munich and Hamburg.

In years 7-9 pupils study both French and German, each language is equally weighted and this enables them to achieve a good level of proficiency so that they can successfully embark on their chosen language at GCSE. I am delighted to say that each year we regularly have students who choose both French and German (our dual linguists) for their GCSEs and we also have had several students go onto select both French and German at A-level.

Each year Madame Weetman takes year 7 for a wonderful five days near her home town in Brest, Brittany. Pupils have a wonderful time, buying their own food at a farmers’ market, climbing a lighthouse, experiencing a day in Mrs Weetman’s former secondary school. They will go to a theme park, interview people in Brest town square, pupils will try speaking French with their penfriends, learn how to play handball and eat in a French school canteen and much more besides.

Brittany 2018

In Year 8 pupils travel to Boppard in the Rhineland and meet up with their pen pals in Cologne. We ascend Cologne Cathedral a UNESCO world heritage site and complete a quiz around the old town, we visit the chocolate museum, go for a boat ride on the Rhine, visit one of the many castles along the river, eat ice-cream at an Eiscafé, visit a theme park and visit the famous “Deutsches Eck” where the Moselle and the Rhine meet.

Boppard 2018

We are delighted to offer year 10 and 11 students the opportunity to visit Paris or Berlin as part of their GCSE curriculum, depending on which language they choose.

Paris – December 2017 Berlin – December 2017

We use the Edexcel examination board for both GCSE



and A-level.



This is a popular choice, which offers an accessible yet challenging course, allowing pupils to tackle relevant and interesting topics at each level.

As well as foreign trips, we endeavour to provide students with as many extra-curricular opportunities as possible. We offer Key Stage 3 and 4 Languages Clinic at a lunchtime, for people who are new to languages, or for pupils who are struggling with a piece of homework, or who just simply want to come along.

Each year we celebrate European Day of Languages on the 26th September and put on events for the whole school to enjoy.

This year as a cross-curricular challenge, year 10 and 11 students took part in the International Space Challenge at RAF Cosford. Their challenge was to design a space hotel for a European consortium to compete with the Russians. As well as using their engineering skills, teams worked in the foreign language with continental materials suppliers and delivered a presentation to the European investors in French and German. This was an opportunity for our students to put their science and languages into context and I am delighted to say that Stafford Grammar School pupils walked away with first and second prize. They will now have the opportunity to select an experience of their choice with the RAF Cosford team.