The Mathematics Department

Maths Sixth Form information evening presentation

Everybody knows that Mathematics is a huge part of life – from shopping and ‘splitting the bill’ with friends to using trigonometry and vectors in design.  Our aim in the Mathematics Department is to encourage all students, whatever their ability, to enjoy mathematics.  Everybody can achieve and as a department we strive to enable our students to attend our lessons willingly and open to making an effort, understanding that success means different things to different students.

There are 5 teachers currently working in the Mathematics department, with many other members of staff also capable of offering support to tutees if asked.

Mrs Patrick – Head of Mathematics (shepherd to the flock – just notice the sheep in T1)

Mrs Godwin-Bratt and Mr Beckett both teach in the T rooms and can teach all levels from Year 7 to Upper Sixth.

Mr Harwood and Ms Taig are excellent teachers of mathematics alongside their first subjects of PE and Physics respectively.

We have excellent results across GCSE and A-level, with our A level students providing mentoring and support at weekly sessions run in the T rooms.  We also allow our more able Year 10 and Year 11 students to study a FSMQ in Additional Maths which they sit in the same month as their GCSE examinations.  We use the examination board OCR for GCSE, FSMQ Additional Mathematics, AS and A Level Maths and AS and A Level Further Maths.

In Year 7, all students are taught as a mixed class.  From Year 8 we split the year group into sets, and movement between sets is always possible depending on classwork, homework, test results and general attitude and commitment to lessons.

Typically there are between 8 and 13 students in a sixth form class with normally just 3 or 4 in Further Maths classes.

Maths Clinic is held every Friday from 12:05-12:35 and is an opportunity to ask for help from either a teacher or a sixth form students. It is also an opportunity to come and practice or revise with support available – which some students do every week (particularly some Year 11 students).

On Wednesday mornings we run specific one-to-one classes for Year 11 students across all abilities.

Across all year groups we run UKMT Mathematical Challenges to allow students to take part in problem solving, wider reaching mathematics, as well as entering a team of Y8/9 students and Sixth Form students into the annual UKMT Team Challenges. We always have a few students who go on to be invited to take part in ‘invitation-only’ events from the UKMT, such as the Pink Kangaroo, the Grey Kangaroo, the British Olympiad in Mathematics and also the Mathematical Olympiad for Girls. We also encourage our students to take part with ‘Maths on Merseyside’ over February half term and have had success with students being awarded prizes and

invited to attend master classes at Liverpool University.

In lessons, games on the interactive whiteboards, such as Nubble, are always popular starters or plenaries, alongside traditional starters of mental maths and imagery.

Recommended resources for students: (each pupil has their own logon and password)

For Further Maths try which is provided by the AMSP.

There are hundreds of mathematical websites available