Art Department

Art can help pupils develop on many fundamental levels and is an important part of everyday life. The department aims to encourage and innovate pupils in a creative way to develop this creativity and their personal well being.
Pupils are encouraged by staff to be imaginative and explore a wide range of materials including drawing media, paint, wire, textiles, clay and other modelling media. An emphasis is placed on the quality and accuracy of what is produced alongside ingenuity and enjoyment.
Art encourages self expression, motor skills and confidence in being proud of what can be achieved. Art education teaches students on how to interpret, criticize and use visual information and how to make choices of project themes and how these can be developed and approached. Within the department the pupils are encouraged to bring their own personal interests into their work and to take risks as appropriate.
The Art room is open at lunchtimes for pupils to freely develop their skills. We encourage ICT to be used as a way to develop and manipulate images and ideas to enhance their work.
All pupils from year 7 – 9 will study art for 1 hour 15 minutes per week , which will increases to 2 hours 30 minutes in year 10-11. This increases again in the sixth form to 5 hours per week. The sixth form are taken on a trip to London to an Art Fair to inspire and to gain useful artist references for their own work.
Art education teaches organization, time management, perseverance and focus to carry forward as a life skill. It can be the starting point for a satisfying and successful career in all areas of design and industry or as a practicing artist or as a hobby or form of therapy to aid personal well being throughout life.