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Pastoral Care


Good teaching and a wide range of activities are not the only requisites for a good education.

In order to achieve their potential pupils need to be healthy, feel safe and enjoy working in the school environment.  It is therefore important to ensure that pupils are involved fully in School life 

and that they are developing as individuals.  This is a subtle process requiring tutors to know their pupils really well – their hopes and fears, their abilities and problems.   This takes time and is aided by small classes and teacher

s who understand.

Stafford Grammar School was set up in 1982 as a new Foundation dedicated to grammar school education allied with individual attention.  This founding ethos, which turned out to be the basis for ra

pid expansion, has not been forgotten as the School grew in size and is a key part of the SGS success story.

In its pastoral organisation, the School seeks to nurture the potential of every child giving both support and encouragement in an overt and practical way.  The School is divided into three houses, the Head of House and Deputy Head of House being the key figures in the academic and personal development of each child.  Tutor groups are based on the House to maintain continuity and to strengthen communal bonds.  Tutors maintain strong links with each pupil using a programme of active tutorial work.  We place great emphasis on close contact with parents, believing that lack of progress and other problems are best addressed jointly and as early as possible.

The House system also incorporates a large number of competitions ranging from music and drama, through “The Challenge” to the Polyathlon, in which the Houses compete against each other in a wide range of sports.  Throughout, the emphasis is on friendly rivalry, co-operation and maximum achievement by a wide range of pupils.  Some events such as the Hobbies Exhibition, The Great Egg Race and the Public Speaking Competition are staged during the school day to build self-confidence by ensuring that all see and appreciate the efforts of their friends elsewhere in the school.

The School Nurse supports the pastoral care by running a daily drop-in clinic liaising closely with parents and ensuring care-plans are in place.  She also provides information about health and emotional issues in PHSE and Science/Biology lessons throughout the school.

Special Educational Needs is co-ordinated by one of the senior teachers in the school.  She liaises with pupils, parents, teachers and outside agencies to support and develop the potential of those pupils who need extra help.

In the Sixth Form a slightly different system operates.  Although retaining the same Head of House, the students will have a Form tutor from a specialist team of Sixth Form Tutors.  A Senior Teacher co-ordinates the pastoral care of Sixth Form students.